Consumer credit counseling

Consumer credit counseling question

Has anyone ever worked with this kind of company? I spoke to someone there and they said that they could have my interest reduced and then I could also keep a card for emergencies. Also they told me that working with them won’t hurt my credit We will be looking to lease a car this spring and need to know if this would have an impact on us getting the lease. Any help is appreciated.

I know someone who worked with CCS and they did just fine. Some companies want you to completely louse up your credit so they have better bargaining power, CCS isn’t like that. Is there a reason you’re leasing instead of buying? From everything I have been told, it is more expensive to lease than to buy. Just wondering…

Can’t afford the new car prices and my daughter has leased her car and it is costing her about $100 less a month than if she loaned a new car.