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Ideas to earn some extra cash


I work from home and do notary work on occasion which brings in a little extra income. I also write articles on several sites that pay for your articles, these are free to join, and you can submit as many articles as you want. They don’t pay a lot around $3 to $10 seems to be the average prices.

I also do some mystery shopping. I would highly discourage any programs that charge you money up front. Most of the shops I do pay about $15-$25 each. Some shops do require you to make a small purchase, maybe a pack of gum, but many do not.

My daughter who is 15 and I did compliance shops at 3 stores to see if they would sell her a mature rated video game. They sold her the game each time. Part of the deal on that one was that I immediately return the game which was no problem. Each of these paid $30 because they were really behind locating someone. My daughter really enjoyed it, and I gave her a portion of the funds.

If you are looking for side jobs or mystery shopping try this website . It has a forum for shoppers, auditors and merchandisers. Merchandising also has short 1-5 day jobs that you can pick up if your schedule allows for extra funds. There are all sorts of merchandising jobs from light work to very heavy.

Another job I turned down, was a demo job, like those folks that hand out snacks on the weekends at your grocery store. Anyway, I was offered one for $15 hr to hang out every weekend for 4 hours at an electronics store to demonstrate Lexmark printers. I wasn’t able to commit for a full year so I passed. The funny thing is, I ended up doing a mystery shop on the person who did get the job about a month later.

how did you find out about the one doing demos? Hubby is going to school and are limited finances are being stretched this sounds like something i could do besides my weekday job.

Those are great ideas! I do some mystery shopping too. There are great companies out there, but plenty of sites that prey on you. I’d look at the Mystery Shopping Association if you want to know about legitimate companies and jobs available. It’s

I would caution that it takes some money to do mystery shopping. A lot of the time, you need to make some purchases that get partially or totally reimbursed later. Also, I’ve had to buy a printer/scanner and a digital camera. But it is an excellent way to make some extra money!

If you are able to board dogs or care for other animals there are always people looking for someone responsible. I cared for a cat over the holidays. The owner gave me the key to her house and I went in twice a day and fed the cat and cleaned the litter box. It was easy money. Last week I dog sat for a 3 month old Maltese puppy. She was a bit more work as she stayed with me and is not totally housetrained yet, but it wasn’t bad. She was such a cutie she made me laugh with her antics. If you are an animal lover, get the word out through your vet and neighbors and you may get a small business started with a regular clientele.

You’re right, I’ve run across some of those shops and tend to avoid them. My favorites are auto test drives and apartment shops. Both pay well and are fun.

I also use shops to take the kids to McDonalds on occasion. It is out of pocket up front, but I get reimbursed for my cost. It’s like having a great coupon!