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What can collection agencies do?

I pulled my credit report, and one collection agency has taken bills (med) that are at least 5 years old and grouped them into one account, making them stay on my credit until 2012. It was my understanding that it would stay on my record from the date of first delinquency with the original creditor, but it appears that now that is not true (according to what I am looking at).

Also, the original balance is on there, but it has escalated to $600.00 more than it originally was. I have disputed it, but would like to see if I am right or wrong on the above paragraph. Thanks.

Check the statute of limitations for your state here:

Every time you make a payment the clock starts all over again…. You’d be surprised how many people try to collect money after they’re past the statute of limitations. From

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Any info on judgments?

Back in the summer of 2013 my husband, brother and myself joined Bally’s Gym. But in September 2013, my husband was critically injured in an auto accident (broken neck). We had to break the lease to our rental to move in with family, had one vehicle repossessed, my husband eventually lost his job as a barber (had no benefits) and I was working full-time had to find a part-time job while trying to keep two toddlers in childcare until my husband was well enough to care for them. In January 2014 my brother was laid-off and opted to return to school full-time. So the only income was myself.

I sent letters with police reports, medical reports, and doctors letters attempting to cancel my policy, but they said since I was still healthy I still had to pay…who had time to work-out in that situation. So we ignored it…I know, not smart.

I received a letter from Wolpoff & Abrahmson (sp?) attempting to collect and repeated the whole situation…they didn’t care. Well mid last year (2015) I received paperwork that I was “served” stuck to the outside of my parents door (I nor anyone one signed for it).

By about October I received a letter from the collection agency that a judgment against me had been made. I never received another “court” type paperwork regarding a court date. Now on Jan 6, 2015, I received another letter from the collection agency wanting my “asset” information (checking/savings accounts, stock investments, life insurance, etc). I was told by a debt correction counselor that since I always paid with a money order, they are wanting information to “freeze” my accounts until they are paid (I live in Texas and it is a non-garnishing state).

On the website, there is a lot of information about how this collection agency pays judges $250/hr as long as they keep up to a 20 judgment count/hour rate. There are also alot of sleazy things about Bally’s Gym actions.

I was hoping the judgment was just the collection agencies way of scaring me into payment, but I just received my annual Transunion report and it was right there in black and white.

I do want to make payments but can only afford $100 a month (yeah for about 33 months). But the collection agency would only accept a $300 initial payment to bring it down to $180. I would have to give up my children’s afterschool program and beg my employer to let me off early (which has already been denied – I would have to give up my job). My husband just started working again full time in March 2014, but he misjudged the amount of taxes taken out of his paycheck, we owe IRS $1400.

We still have medical bills from 2013 we are making payments on, and unfortunately I had to have emergency surgery done in December 2015 and are also facing another $2500 worth of bills there.

I’m tapped out. Was this judgment process even legal? As I said I am willing to pay, but they will not accept such a small amount. Does anyone have a name to a good lawyer in San Antonio Texas that has experience in this? HELP