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I’m looking for “tmmo” examples

hi all,

after reading and following debt steps news group and web pages, dave ramsey, suze orman and a ton of stuff on the web over time (about a year). i have combined ideas from all these sources that i feel will work for us. on paper, i have put together a complete spending/savings budget, simple income summary analysis, debt to income rations, listing of all debts (lowest payoff to highest payoff) and a plan of action (short and long range goals) that has been agreed upon by myself and the girlfriend (we live together).

i looking for examples to compare what i have done with what others think this “plan” should look like. maybe i missed something, maybe what i have is just way to complex.

does anyone have and would like to share web link(s) that shows examples of what a “tmmo” may look like once all the info is gathered together and written out.

thanks in advance.

What is “tmmo” ?

dave ramsey uses this term in his book(s) to describe paying off your your debts and changing you spending habits. tmmo = “total money make over”. sorry, i assumed that most folks here would be familiar with the term. in dave ramsey books, this term is used to describe a thought process to eliminate debt and change your current views of spending money, saving money and paying off debts.

Thanks..I’ve never heard of Dave Ramsey. I read a few Suze Orman books and Robert Kiyosaki’s column. Yahoo finance has new articles every Tuesday.