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Paying off debts

I alone need to pay off my family’s debts

I am a new member to the blog. I am married with 3 girls. I have decided that I alone need to pay off my family’s debts. Why not with my husband’s help? Because like a lot of people he is all bark and no bit. I love him dearly but I am tired of being in debt. I am encouraged because I managed to pay off two major bills by myself. We both work and make about the same but I am the financially responsible member of the household. I am currently in graduate school with my employer paying my full tuition. I also plan to talk real estate course to help pay off more debt faster.

Any tips from women in my situation would be very helpful. I love my husband but after 14 years of marriage I have learned that it is up to me to get this family where it needs to be financially.

Welcome to the group!!! We are kinda in the same boat… since my husband is home from Iraq (a 1 year deployment) he likes to spend spend spend… before i knew it some of our cards were up and he had opened a few more!!!! I put an end to it and told him how we were sitting financially…. put him into a reality check. Took cards out of his wallet and i said NO MORE SPENDING.

I control the bills and he’s good about checking with me on the checking account. I am about to start setting up a cash envelope and he gets paid twice a month and that’d be his spending $$. But i have to take control and pay off our debt… his theory is if there’s available on a CC< it's like cash! LOL Good luck! Please keep us posted and wtg on you paying off those debts!!! You Can Do It! I thought I heard on NPR in the last 6 months that the Navy had a program where they were doing financial counseling with returning members in Iraq. Is that true and did it only pertain to the Navy? If the government isn't doing something like this for the troops in Iraq, I'd like to see my tax money go to that.